vesica with lines


One must understand that our physical body is nothing more than a vehicle for our spirit. We are experiencing life at a special time, there is a shift in paradigm occurring. Many are becoming aware of this at a rapid pace, this is meant to happen. I am living proof of this, along with many people I have met in the past 2 years who can attest to this. With your “awakening” comes many questions that you will seek answers for. Be assured the answers are already in you. Search within and you shall know what is meant of you in this lifetime. This 3rd dimension we currently see and feel is one of many dimensions that you will be possibly experiencing soon. Material items in this dimension are non existent. What you feel you cannot see, just know this is an important time in earths consciousness becoming more vibrant. If any of my friends want to converse with me more on this feel free to. I understand what you are going through.


THESE ENERGIES HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH SEXUAL ORIENTATION. learn to shift from male energy to female energy in union, the fruits of this are rewarding and plenty. SHift in harmony with the natural flow of the reversal of roles. many men don’t want to do this, because we view the feminine as weak, when in reality both energies are in us. when you take both energies and combine them, abundance of all things is your right.

neither energy is greater nor weaker than the other. 


MALE energy is focused,

FEMALE energy is creative and random.

MALE energy goes from base to point. A to B.

FEMALE energy will flow in a spiral with but still move from A to B.

MALE energy is linear, typically can be a close minded state of mind.

FEMALE energy moves in curves, its out of the lines, creative, expression, emotion, open minded.

MALE energy looks at parts,

FEMALE energy looks at wholes.

MALE energy is the LEFT brain.


FEMALE energy is the RIGHT brain.

this is just a seed for you, the tip of an iceberg. remember when you take both energies and combine them, abundance of all things is your right.