BROKEN           PEN

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I always get the few comments from close friends that some of my lyrics are way over peoples heads and super metaphorical.  This song broken pen that i just released a music video to has many seeds that are subtle yet powerful … BROKEN PEN….  what does that symbolize ??   i will break down the lyrics to this entire song for you ….  first of all the title… BROKEN PEN … well they say the pen is mightier than the sword because the pen gives the word sending swords to war, i actually first heard that when i was a kid from a dilated peoples song and that single lyric stayed with me and continued to grow within my mind … so if the pen is broken, then we will not go to war……………. now lets break down line for line….


Notice, it’s slow let it go begin

(I’m telling you to be patient, our attention spans have been shortened significantly these days)

Creeping up, as I flow with this broken pen

(I have to take my time because the pen is broken, this tool is something I need because of my form of artful expression, and if my tool is broken I have to creep in patiently as well and adjust my approach)

You can’t hold me back from nothing I have spoke again

(I will continuously keep using my voice as a tool)

Always held that hope within 

(HOPE Help Other People Evolve, I will always keep that within me and know that we can truly help each other)

The token is to focus in, but you chose to let the romans in

(to truly heal you have to focus your energy within yourself, but instead the american people rely on a ruling class to lead us, if you compare america to rome, you will see that we are falling like rome did, (( also look up Philadelphia as the resurrection of rome))

infiltrated by Mars we’re in motion spin

(we have been infiltrared and controlled by an E.T. force for a long time, once they came to earth and implemented their plan we were set in motion)

chariots of the GODS, the merkaba’s a golden rim

(read the book chariots of the GODS…. and your human energetic field has a merkaba, a double pyramid shaped force around you, when you tap into that energy and align with it you truly understand why its a “golden rim” meaning its a spinning force that is truly amazing)

but you don’t mother fuuu– WAIT I was about to show a glimpse, of a lower vibration grid thing I noticed it

(I started to get upset with people at that line and was about to cuss saying you don’t motherfucking care, but I caught myself before I slipped into a lower vibratory state and drained myself as well as others who are listening. the word fuck is just a word but we have been programmed to use it in a negative way so when it is used a lot of times we are dumbing ourselves down.)

Sometime’s my emotions win, but the best of me is when I’m showing skin, so I’m assed out like a colon cleanse 

(Referring to the last line of cussing my emotions almost took over, then I speak about best of me is when I am nothingness, bare like I am naked with no character to hide behind, assed out facing humility)

Whoa, No, this notion is so potent mixing potion in this moment with devotion now your woven in

What i believe in is very strong, in the present moment I am using alchemy to change myself chemically and I am devoted to it, if you choose to listen to my music, I am casting a spell on you with words and weaving you into my chemical change as well, for a positive change.)

it won’t begin, til’ your brain soaks it in

(meaning the spell won’t occur to help change you until you open up and let these words soak into your brain)

You know my slogan going in the ocean swim

(SEEK KNOWLEDGE GAIN WISDOM is one of my slogans, meaning once you seek knowledge you are now diving deep into the vast ocean of openness and once that knowledge is applied wisdom grows within you allowing you to swim in this ocean)

Let me breathe, like hemoglobins can…

(I’m telling anyone who wants to criticize me to just let me breathe, like hemoglobins do, which is the molecule that carries oxygen from the lungs to the bodies tissues and returns with carbon dioxide back to the lungs for the cycle of breathing and keeping us alive.)

Now there is a break with a sample from charlie chaplins famous speech from the movie the great dictator. which was also the first time charlie chaplin had spoke in a film. here is the quote i put…

“Dictators free themselves but they enslave the people! Now let us fight to fulfil that promise! Let us fight to free the world”

(i chose that line to plant the seed of the ruling class that rules the world, they are all dictators and they only free themselves and not us, the people off the world, we are modern day wage slaves feeding a corporate america and keeping it afloat, , those words are powerful. and if we all come together we can free the world, we outnumber them.)

AH, the WORD has power

(a simple line stemming from the sample, clarifying how powerful your words are and can be)

the sword is just a tool for you to hurt a flower

a sword is nothing more than a material tool, same as a shovel or hammer, what you do with the tool determines your intention, we use this tool to “hurt a flower” meaning humans are flowers. Just as a flower can be cut at the stem and die, a human can be cut in half and die)

cut off at the limb burn the tower its over close the curtain – *shower*

(the human limbs are our stems, once cut, you (the tower) will now fall and burn and its over so close the curtain, like a theatrical show when the curtain closes the show is over after man has killed all his enemies. metaphorically speaking of a shower curtain, flowing into my next line…)

*shower* … let the meteors begin, there’s no certain hour

(not meaning a shower curtain, but a shower of meteors, the meteor shower will come but there is no certain time to tell when they will reign down on our planet and humanities existence will be reset one again)

learn that our, time is now to turn the doubters, into believers again

(it is now time for anyone who doubts and does not have faith in humanity that we can fix our self inflicted problems, we just have to drop the differences and understand we are all connected. once you believe it then you can achieve it.)

You can achieve anything, open up to receive and ascend

(you truly can achieve anything you want to, all you have to do is open yourself up to the universe, God, or whatever unseen force you choose to perceive, and you will indeed receive everything you need to understand life, after that you will ascend on after this humanly experience)

agree what you perceive is just a sleeve to be lead

(we can agree that anything we perceive as our reality is a sleeve  that will lead others and connect everyone. so think about what your perception of life is, and have you been lead to believe false prophets or do you think for yourself?)

been deceived when your fed

(if you have blindly followed man made and controlled religion then there is a good chance you’ve been deceived of what is actually true when they have been “feeding” your mind with control for so many years)

it’s time that we conceive that the seeds should be spread 

(its time that we form a plan that the seeds of truth should start being spread)

around the globe let em grow and weave into heads

(these seeds should be spread globally and we have to let them grow within each persons mind at the pace they are meant to grow)

Your brains expanding, NOW you can see what I said

(Once these seeds grow within your mind, your brain will expand, then your eye will see these knowledge bombs i strategically place in my lyrics)

Don’t be naive to this thread 

(Do not judge what I am saying before you understand these words)

Supersede and exceed when you release and accept

(you can now take over and replace your past conditioning, which will lead you to go beyond what was once limited, but only once you release from your past programs and accept that they are no longer in control)

We’re not machines, there’s no receipt when you’re dead.

We humans are being treated like machines in society, looked upon as numbers, slaves, we don’t have names or feelings to these controllers, we are just machines that operate working day in and day out to keep the bigger machine operational, the federal reserve, the IRS, the private banking systems that run the world, we live paycheck to paycheck, we are stressed out, we work to have off on weekends and take week long vacations, we work work work like machines and get hardly anything out of it… then we each die off and the cycle keeps repeating. well there is no receipt when you die, you are not a material good that is purchased used and thrown away, you are an alive creator god put on this planet for a purpose, you have to truly cleanse your inner core and release from controlling programs to find your true purpose. once you do that you see that you’re not a machine for the system we live in)

I end the song with another quote from charlie chaplains speech stemming off of my last line saying we are not machines. 

“Don’t give yourselves to these unnatural men – machine men with machine minds and machine hearts! You are not machines!”


that is the the entire break down of each lyric in my new song titled BROKEN PEN from my upcoming album titled PHENOMENOLOGY. This album will be out sometime this spring, i hope you all take the time to get the album and receive all the other seeds there are on it to be planted into your mind to help you sprout up and become the free thinking creator that you truly are. There will be 20 songs on this album. thank you again for all the support you have all shown me over the years. little by little we are changing ourselves to help change others. I am beyond grateful that my music has been able to help you. Today is the day if you want it to be. I love all of you infinitely. Power Through People is truly here.

Click below for the link to the youtube video of this song BROKEN PEN.