I’ve been to several protests, rallies, and marches against specific topics and I feel like some of these events have the right intention with the wrong intent. These marches all have one thing in common, the idea that we are marching against something filled with hate, negativity, and that is doing nothing good for humanity. Here is where the line is drawn and a conflict arises. There are to many people at these marches that are battling the idea at hand with more hate. You can’t fight hate with hate, nothing good comes of this. Sure, I understand that we are all angry and mad at whatever idea we are marching against, but this energy that we create from the idea at hand needs to be channeled for the better. It needs to be channeled into LOVE. We need to be at these marches spreading awareness, knowledge, and solutions to the problems at hand, all with the intent of LOVE. What I see happening is many people are focusing all of their energy on the negatives, the negatvies are what is already known! The only outcome people are creating is to repeat these negatives, make them stronger, and not forming any kind of solution! Then these marches end, and nothing changes. Awareness is still being spread but it is not sticking in people’s minds because we are spreading it in the wrong way. YOU CAN’T FIGHT HATE WITH HATE. YOU CAN’T GET RID OF DARKNESS WITH DARKNESS. We need to be the light that shines and slowly get rid of the evil darkness.

One example of a great protest where the intent behind it was filled with a driving force of love. Was the March Against Monsanto in philadelphia this year. At a farmers market there were tents set up full of information on GMO’s, FOOD NOT BOMBS was there giving out free food, People were all over with great signs and informational pamphlets to hand out to the willing to receive public. That day we marched through Philly peacefully and I can honestly say we informed some uneducated people on the horrors of GMO’s. We were successful because everyone marching had the intent of love. We weren’t out in the streets scaring people with hatred towards monsanto, instead we spread knowledge, awareness, and solutions from a driving force of love inside of us and it got peoples attention the right way.

November 5th is approaching fast this year and this will be the second time the million mask march occurs. Everyone needs to realize we need to channel our angry energy inside of us towards the corrupt government control system and deliver awareness, knowledge, and solutions with a loving intent of peace. Otherwise nothing will be accomplished but a topic of conversation between people who were present (because we know media will not report on the event) at their dinner tables that night about a bunch of angry people with movie masks on screaming whos street? our street! Then that day will fade away from people’s minds as soon as they see Miley Cyrus spread eagle on stage again. And only us, the ones participating in the march will still be the only ones talking all year long again about the same re occuring problems of this world because we will still be angry about it and nothing will have changed.

BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE. Start prepping now for the ways to spread knowledge and awareness along with solutions about the topics you want to educate people about. Make pamphlets with information, signs with key words or pictures to plant seeds of interest in people, and more than anything approach people with love and give the powers that be no reason to start chaos. We know that is what they want so more and more mayhem and negativity can spread, as it always and continues to do. This is the rEVOLution, of self, of love, of uniting humanity for the future of this world. I love all of you and I look forward to positive change in people that can occur, it starts within, so get started! PEACE AND LOVE – PTP