So here I am, monday morning, the first day after the conference, and of course i slept in today. I woke up in my bed still completely vibrating from this entire weekend of mind blowing expansion, opened my eyes and said, “I’m back in the matrix.” But now i’ve downloaded an entire new code that will continue to change me and others around me. This weekend was like a training session in itself and I already know people left this weekend with the highest positive vibrations to continue to be the change that so many have been wishing to see.  I hadn’t heard of the free your mind conference at all up until a few months ago, and bought weekend passes immediately when I came across it. I am what you would label as a conscious hip hop artist, I use my skills in creating music to help “wake people up,” on all conscious levels.  I go by the nickname PTP (Power Through People) because at the end of the day I’m only one person out here grinding it out every day to do what I can to help people become aware of what’s going on in this world, but with the Power Through People you to can share this music and message.  So I had a strong intuition that this conference would be the place of all places for me to be that people will be at who understand the message in the music and can help get it out there to the masses. This music is simply another one of the many tools that is so simple to use to help plant seeds of knowledge in people’s subconscious mind. So I packed my cd’s, tee-shirts, and stickers up and prepared for whatever the weekend may bring.

I can’t say enough how this entire weekend was beyond amazing. In this lifetime I had yet to be in a place in time where there are so many amazing, open minded, high vibrating, like minded, truth seeking people all together with our auras so close and connected. We literally raised the entire vibrations of that place just by simply being there and who knows how big that energy surge vibrated but I sure can feel it booming!  I went to the conference thinking this was a local thing, i sure was wrong! There were not only people from all over this country there, this event was global! I met people from Norway, Spain, UK, Canada, and Europe. That alone was mind blowing in itself to me!

So lets talk about the speakers, I didn’t see every single speaker in person, even some I really wanted to see, simply because I was staying in the present moment as it kept coming and sometimes the conversations with people were just to connected at the moment to end them! But I did see many of the speakers and every single one was so on point and amazing! They all touched on different topics yet still had a connection between each others topics which is so beautiful because everything truly is connected, every one fed off of each others energy and all flowed so well in their presentations.  They were all so in tune that they could go on for hours and hours about the topics they were discussing, but had to remember to keep it in the hour slotted time period. This shows me the amazing passion that each person has for all of this. The passion, the drive, the urge to want to discuss and teach people about the truths in this world is something that I will infinitely have the utmost respect and love for.  Not only were these speakers so well in their presentations, they are also people just like you and me, totally approachable and loving, Being able to converse with them was such a heart warming feeling for me and i’m sure for many others. So many connections were made that people don’t even realize, energetic connections, connections that will ripple outward in others now, positive ripples out into the ocean of energy on this planet and beyond. The open mic session of the conference was so beautiful, that allowed anyone and everyone to get up and express themselves for 5 minutes, that is a release in itself, begin able to speak about something that has been on your mind and having a crowd of people listen to understand you is heart warming.

Something happened this weekend, something that is going to continue to happen and only keep growing larger and larger. It’s not about preaching that we need change any more.  THE CHANGE IS HERE, it’s already in effect! This conference wasn’t a conference with a specific topic and energy in mind. This is like the conference of all conferences combined in one.  So the diversity of people was amazing. The entire weekend so many people were conversing openly, being able to express so many different perspectives, without judgement from others, I saw no arguments, no tension, no negatives. I was able to observe and hear so many conversations, and the sentence or two i would hear while passing by people talk was enough to make me smile. Smile knowing that so much knowledge and truth was being shared between so many diverse people all weekend so openly and freely. I’m already a happy guy, but this weekend I couldn’t force my smile to go down even if I wanted to! I sense a very strong collective of people globally that are all on the same page. And that page is titled SOUL-UTIONS. We can all agree that its time to stop focusing our attention on the negative state at hand (we still acknowledge it and are aware of it but don’t exhaust our selves on it like we could), and start directing our attention to detaching from it and having realtime in the moment solutions occur.  It seriously starts within each of us and in turn ripples outward, everyone I met this weekend has already made that shift within. So that tells me that it is happening globally in so many others. It’s more of a re assurance for me, an assurance that what I was hoping was happening IS HAPPENING.  We are truly in the beginning of the END (Energy Never Dies) and that ending is now, the ending of the bad energy and beginning of the good energy that is within all of us that we are now sending outward to everyone around us, we are all already being the change that we all wished to see. With that happening we are literally changing others around us. I am living proof of this and it excites me so much!!

Our collective vibrations this weekend was able to keep the dark forces at work from penetrating and disrupting this event.  The few minor hiccups, whether it be a small sound engineer problem to Jay Parker forgetting his reading glasses, were simply universal tests to see how we would react and everyone was able to come together and keep forward progression the entire time, nothing could hold this weekend back. The force was to strong with all of us! This conference was BIG, so many people were there for all the right reasons, even Bob Tuskin didn’t know it would be this big. I already know the next conference is going to be at least twice as big as this. The seeds have been planted and its going to grow and flourish so beautifully.  We are all together in this, we are all here to keep this going to better this planet and the people on it. Soooooo many walks of life are waking up, from kids to grandparents, you can not deny the global shift in consciousness, if you do then you are simply choosing to stay asleep, and thats your choice! And with the decision to make this conference an annual event now, is even better! It will speed up the process of the minds so much faster, in between that time, locally you should all continue to meet in person as often as possible!  Keep that connected energy flowing, keep new ideas buzzing, keep manifesting what you want to to continue to do to better the world.

Humans are a species with amnesia, with that being said in my opinion it’s very important that we all don’t let the energy, ideas, knowledge, truth, and solutions in us die down that we downloaded this weekend. We must continue to drive forward with loving positive intent. Don’t become stagnant and forget what we are here for.  We all came together this weekend for specific reasons! Every single person made the conscious decision to be at this conference, it all has its purpose! You must remind yourself daily about this! Every morning when I wake up I tell myself “I am infinite love and gratitude because I CHOOSE to be” and then I get my day started.  Keep vibrating at the resonance that feels soooo good, keep being that change that has been needed for so long. Each person can and will make the difference every day. All you gotta do is remind yourself and then take action! Keep seeking truth and knowledge all the while gaining the wisdom that lies within us. Keep our youth on this path, they are the numinous ones that will carry this light on to make it brighter! We are here in this specific lifetime for this reason! Don’t forget that, don’t let any negative forces penetrate into you! They will continue to come from all angles, just simply remain present and you will be fine, after all they’re all in your mind anyway ;) . I can not express how much love I have for every single person I met this weekend. I am going to continue to spread that love I received from you all back to you as well as to others, through me existing and through my best way of communicating, which is through music.  Thank you to everyone who grabbed a cd from me, A lot of effort is put into making the music I do, it is my passion with intuitive force that I know I’m meant to do in this lifetime as a big part of helping others. We truly have the power within us, make that choice everyday to manifest your reality. Through each other we will truly reach all!!!!  If you haven’t already, friend request me on Facebook @ VINNIE STRAUB, that is seriously the best way to keep in contact with me.  Facebook can and is used as a great tool to connect with the world if you choose to use it that way. Send me messages and keep the conversation that was started this weekend going! Thank you ALL for being YOU and existing right now! It is all so beautiful, my smile comes from my heart and beams that loving energy right at all of you!! I love you. 


“What you are is what you have been, what you will be is what you do now.” -Buddha

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