Yesterday was the second Million Mask March that has been held. First off I want to say what an amazing feeling knowing that on the same day around the globe thousands of people are out protesting with the same general message, The people are tired of living in this control system that the elite keep us in around the world. And within that general message are so many subcategories, everyone has their own interest of what they’re tired of, everyone is expressing their voices together. What is great about the million mask March is if you truly want to remain anonymous, you can. That gives some people a little more courage to come out and stand in solidarity in front of their governments without the fear of them being publicly known and possibly judged (by people who are “asleep”). For others like myself I look at the mask simply as a symbol, a symbol of unity, strength, something for someone to believe in. The mask has much greater meaning than being a mask. A simple symbol of knowing that if I have this mask somewhere on my person another anonymous person will know what I stand for. And sometimes in public when we are not in the masses like we were yesterday and I have my mask somewhere on me all it takes is a simple head nod from a human out in public and we both know what’s up.

With that being said I would like to discuss what I observed and felt from the March yesterday with some small comparisons to last year and possible ideas moving forward in unity.

I was in Washington DC this year and last year. The number one thing noticed at first was numbers. Numbers were way bigger last year, there was much less people there this year. We can only make assumptions of why there were less people. What I can say is I know the people that were there yesterday were devoted, serious about the causes we march against, and all had good energy whether they channeled it towards anger at the police (which I personally don’t do) or they channel it educating the public about the causes and trying to wake the sleeping masses up.. Yesterday I felt we all had good energy either way.

So assumptions that we can make because we know no facts is maybe there were less people this year because last year it was more of a trend for people so some people last year maybe only went because they thought it was cool and now we have dwindled out the fakes and the real ones came out yesterday…
Or Maybe people aren’t seriously fed up enough to leave their houses and really come out in the streets of our nations capitol or their states capitol or wherever they are located in conjunction to marches, maybe people are still too comfortable and would rather go to McDonald’s, go home to their mothers basement and continue playing their video games? Or maybe some people don’t like to protest and would rather express their activism in different forms…

Whatever the case may be I don’t know why there were less people yesterday, what I do know is the people there yesterday were about it.

Okay so moving on to other observations about the March. Every body marched all around the streets to different buildings related to the control system we live in. The White House, the Federal Reserve, the capitol lawn, department of justice, the FBI, the IRS building, and so on..
Voices were definitely heard at these places, voices of frustration, anger, people being fed up, people wanting change, people voicing to each other about everything that is going on hidden in plain sight.

One thing you may not know about the Million Mask March is there is no leader we all lead ourselves together as one. This can cause some confusion and conflict and it can also cause more unity and more agreements between people. Because sometimes a small group of the larger group would want to go this way while others wanted to go that way. But no matter what every body ended up coming back together and continuing to move on and show our presence.

There was a little bit more “radical” (for lack of a better word) people than there was last year. I believe there were about five arrests. I am actually surprised that the police presence didn’t become heavier because at several times our March was very heated and very loud in the faces of the police. But for the most part the line was never crossed between either groups getting “out of hand.” I’m sure some people will argue that the police got out of hand for the different individuals that got arrested but from my viewpoint it was on an individual basis and whatever was done to make the police arrest those specific individuals was all on an individual scenario basis. The few times it could’ve got really outrageous it didn’t, I feel if the police wanted to be more brutal and get out of hand they easily could have and it could have turned very ugly but it didn’t because the police at some points were definitely outnumbered. But I am sure there were many more on standby ready in case it got to that point I personally did not want to get to that point that is not what I was there for, I did not drive all the way to Washington DC to yell at cops faces, I went there to share unity with my brothers and sisters that I’ve met from the Internet around the globe, educate the “sleeping” public as they watch from the sidewalks as we walk by and they read our signs and hear our chants ..planting seeds of truth in their subconscious minds, Steve Grant and myself also filmed our parts to a music video we will be releasing soon with disl automatic. Which our music is also another form of activism that we all do to spread the message out to the people. That is why we do it.

As I was walking yesterday and listening to different people’s voices, whether in conversation or if they were yelling out loud expressing their opinions one thing I noticed was the ideas are there. Everyone has the ideas in their mind of what is happening and what can happen and we all want to make a change. My opinion is that not everyone knows how to implement this massive change, we need some guidance, guidance from each other. We feed off of each other we learn from each other we grow from each other and we move forward and change for the better from each other with each other but by ourselves as well. That is why we all come together, in love and we all care about our futures for humanity. i was able to connect in person yesterday with several friends that i’ve met through the internet. It’s a great feeling to connect with someone face to face and share the same ideas, drive, inspiration, and motives to change humanity for the better.

The march in Washington DC for the most part dwindled down pretty early. By mid afternoon most people were very tired and wore out. Fatigue had set in. This is something that we should look at from an occupy standpoint. We could possibly try to get free food to give out to people next year, water, power bars, whatever to keep people from getting fatigued. So we can continue to occupy longer if possible and continue our voices to be heard. Don’t get me wrong there were several people still marching late into the night. Like my brother John Anthony Fairhurst, that guy was going strong before November 5 and after. But it goes back to an individual basis again, what you personally want to get out of it and the points you want to make on an individual level. A lot of people were probably fatigued because we did March all over the nation’s capital, not everybody is physically fit and in shape or living the healthiest lifestyle to be able to walk that far all day and not become fatigued. But all of that goes hand in hand with all the different lifestyle changes that people can make to become a better person for themselves and to radiate that outwards towards humanity. Because when you change for the better people see it and that inspires people to want to change for the better also. That is part of the change that can and already does occur.

November 5 has passed now, there are plenty more days until the next November 5. November 5 to me is like the spark that people need to get the drive back in them, or the spark that people need if they’re looking at the Internet at all our photos and our videos and our posts and that sparks them to want to change or want to learn more about what we march against. The Internet is your friend and it is an amazing tool to use to learn and self educate yourself on anything. Now you have a whole year, what are you going to do in that year? The activism is what what you do to help others, but change is what starts now in that every day lifestyle that you live, which is where it begins and continues to grow. Like a good friend told me, “don’t complain about the chemtrail’s as your puffing on your cigarette looking up at them”. If you truly want to see the change you have to be the change. There is way way way more than this material physical plain that we are on currently. You have to change yourself within to vibrate at a higher level and rise above the dimensions that the oppressors have kept us on. It takes a whole lot to change, it’s a complete lifestyle thing. But it starts within and grows outward. I had many good conversations yesterday and like I said the ideas are there now we have to come together and implement solutions because this isn’t just one problem this is many many small problems that add up to create larger problems that the oppressors keep us in with our day to day slave like lives. Let’s start coming together, come together with your local awakened friends and start making a change in your communities. We are all spread out amongst the world I have so many Internet friends from all different states and countries, let’s all start making changes where we are personally in our lives, and they will grow out until they all reach each other and we are all connected with each other because it expanded outward person to person until it reached each and everyone back at the same point. This world will never change unless you decide to change it. Wake up.

November 5 we stood in solidarity with all our family. No matter where you were at in the world you were out on the streets with your guy Fawkes masks expressing yourself for humanities future. And I love every single person that came out yesterday. Let’s move forth with our activism in whatever form it is that you do and let’s wake up the sleeping masses of the Sheeple. Let’s get more and more people on board for a better future for our world. I love you

-PTP- Power Through People.
Seek knowledge gain wisdom
It starts with you, it starts with me, it starts within.