Here is my perspective on SOLITUDE. Many people look at solitude and aloneness in a negative way, it’s not their fault, they’ve been brainwashed to think this way, this is a misconception. The dictionary definition of solitude is -a state of seclusion or isolation I.e. Lack of contact with people. It may stem from bad relationships, loss of loved ones, infectious disease, mental disorders, neurological disorders or circumstances of of employment or situation.- even the dictionary gives nothing but negative reasons why someone may want to be in solitude! I’ve come to a realization all my life I can only stand to be around most people for so long before I want to be alone again. I feel, personally, with me it’s an energy thing as I feel like people drain me of the energy I produce. Everyone is different, this is just my personal opinion on solitude.

I want to show you the idea of being alone as not being a bad thing. Many people in our society are never really alone long enough to get in tune with themselves. And those that are alone long enough, are to busy not wanting to be alone, so they don’t see the beauty in solitude. You also must understand there’s a difference between being alone and being lonely. Loneliness is nothing more than a state of mind that people go into when they’re alone because they are afraid of uncertainty. Uncertainty is something we need to be comfortable with, uncertainty is knowing everything that’s meant to be will be. It is a form of faith, belief, hope, knowing that you don’t know. It is allowing the universe to do what it’s meant to do, and that’s everything just being how it is.  When faced with aloneness you have no one but yourself, therefore any answers you seek can now only come from within. All the time I see people searching for answers to life’s “problems” from other people. This to an extent is a mistake, you can easily get some guidance or pointed in the right path, but all your answers will still have to come from within. People go to therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists,1-800-call lines, even social networking, all seeking solutions to their own personal problems, searching outside of themselves. You can seek outside all you want, you can continue to get guidance, advice, and opinions from other people, what’s good about outside opinions and advice is this just may give you the spark of light to go in the right direction to get your answer. But At the end of the day you are not finding any answers from anyone but yourself. Remember this, it’s important. One saying I like to tell people when they come to me for any type of advice is “I can lead you to the door, but you have to walk through it.” Leading you to the door is what any therapist, psychologist, or person giving any kind of advice is doing. Walking through it is you taking the steps to find the answers within yourself to change your current situation. , YOU have to take the step… and if the therapist or whomever is giving you prescription drugs then you’ve got it all wrong! But that’s another topic…

Here is where solitude comes in to play, because when you are faced with no one but yourself you are faced with all the truths and answers that will always exist inside of you. Many people fear the truth, they’d rather live in a lie and not better themselves, so they surround themselves with people all the time, “misery loves company.” Surrounding yourself with people all the time can make you forget the answer you’re looking for because now your mind is being clogged by others peoples situations. Here is where most of society stands, in a rush to go no where, amongst the clutter of running in circles to be right back where you started. No where. This is where I see the positive side of solitude, the enjoyment of it. When you are alone you can truly be at ease, you can choose how time is spent with yourself, so why on earth would anyone want to spend this time creating stress or problems!? I take alone time to just be, be one with the present moment of where I am at, now. I take the time to relax, enjoy the view of whatever I’m surrounded with, appreciate all the simple joys where you are in that moment. Kick my feet up, enjoy a good book, indulge in some delicious tasting food. You can do whatever pleases you! Why not!? Being alone and having the ability to satisfy yourself will create wonders for you. I tell people all the time “self love is true love”. This combination of words is one of the realest, truest things I could ever say. Through solitude you will find yourself, and you have to find yourself to be able to understand your purpose in this lifetime.  A major problem with our society is we are bred to to seek outward for love and companionship from a very early age. This does not give us time to ever truly get to know ourselves. I am an example of this, and I had to go through the most hurtful heartbreak I could ever imagine to finally get in tune with Myself. We have a society today that seeks attention on social networking, being behind a device that you can express your feelings without anyone being around in actual physical form is easier for people to do than to express themselves in person. Even I’ve been guilty of this. It’s just the way today’s society is, people use social networking to seek attention in the wrong ways and it ends up leaving the person more and more in their negative slump because they’re still not searching within for the answers. This is all backwards! Now I’m not saying everyone needs to be alone with themselves all the time, forever. Then we would have hermit crabs everywhere! I feel everyone should take some time to yourself, even if it’s only once in a while. We still all need it. Go into solitude and just reflect on your life, reflect on everything going on in your life, the current moment, make sure you are truly happy and you are actually living the life you want to live. If not, take the steps to change it! Create your own happiness, it starts and ends with you! I’m a very social person, I have a lot of friends, I go to public events, and am surrounded by people often, usually it’s happy positive people that resonate with me! But I have no problem with saying “hey I’m not gonna go out tonight, it’s ok if I miss the big social gathering with my friends because I’m not in the mood” this is not a negative bad thing! Of course people will wonder if you’re ok, because we’ve been brainwashed to think being alone is a bad thing! I’m ok with being alone at times, some times are longer than others and it’s ok because I am truly happy with myself. I truly feel that many people have not discovered this trait in themselves yet and its causing a problem in society. Everyone is capable of being alone and capable of being comfortable with it, you just have to slow down and remember you’re never really alone because you have yourself! Everyone has a purpose and a reason for being in this world, but many humans are sidetracked and don’t serve their purpose. We are intelligent, sentient, conscious, and self aware beings that have the capabilities to do anything. The powers that be know this and they do whatever they can to keep most of us comfortable in a suppressed state so we do not excel.

Think about nature for a moment, many people look at nature as beautiful! But never take the REAL time to appreciate nature and be thankful of its beautiful harmonious presence. Nature is born perfect and dies perfect, just like we do. A flower grows from the ground by itself, blooms Into what we consider beauty, serves it’s purpose by pollenating and provides bees and bugs with what they need to survive, then soon fades away until next season. It’s alone and perfect, serves it purpose, un manipulated, un tampered with. It is just what it is, it is. Now think of a leaf on a tree. Trees live a very long time, they’re huge massive chunks of wood that are heavily rooted into earth and as long as they’re not manipulated by humans they’re most likely not going anywhere. Now think of a single leaf, every spring a tree will sprout leaves and they will grow for summer. Each single leaf will simply sit there on the branch providing shade to whatever decides to come underneath it to get out of the summertime sunshine and heat. Before you know it, the leaf will turn colors, which we find very beautiful as well, and the leaf will fall from the tree and die for winter. Much of nature is in solitude and much of nature serves it’s purpose without reason. Less thinking, more doing. It just does, I feel humans can be the same if not better, if more people would just look to themselves for answers they seek. Solitude will serve it purpose if you let it.

Try this out for starters, one day a week take time to yourself. Relax in the presence of you, you, you and you. Take a day to reflect on your week, reflect on what’s going on in your life at the moment, treat yourself to your own personal pleasure. This solitude will be called your ME TIME. And if you allow it , it will unfold into much greater potentials. See If that one day a week can start to help with your own personal struggles. We all have our own battles we fight inside, and just as those battles are going on with yourself, the answers you seek to conquer them is inside of you as well. Start to love yourself more and know that you will always be here for you.

“Solitude has a lot to prove, if you seek within you will not lose” – PTP

“Only you reflect the silence of the stars, the silence of infinity, the silence of eternity” -OSHO