It’s 6 am and you wake up groggy with a feeling of not being well rested.  The last thing you did before closing your eyes last night and falling asleep was look into your cell phone screen at your newsfeed on facebook, scrolling with your thumb.  You use the bathroom, brush your teeth, splash water on your face at an attempt to wake yourself up, and then proceed to grab your cell phone and check facebook again, simply by habit.  Now you’re moping around trying to get dressed and find motivation to go to work.  A job that you never thought you’d have at 30 years old, but time as flown and you’ve ended up where you could.  A job that you do not enjoy one bit, but you work because you need a job, you need a source of income in this society you’ve been placed in.  Also, let’s not forget amongst the morning slumber of getting ready for your daily corporate slave labor routine of a day, that you also have kids getting ready for school.  So your household is embraced with chaos of kids running around trying to scarf down their sugar infested breakfast, figuring out what to wear for school, nagging you to sign their homework books, rushing everything to get  done with hopes they can get a few minutes of programmed television in.  So now the school bus comes and the kids are gone so you’re off to work, driving in the car that you were forced to take a loan from a bank,  just to own, not to mention that your interest rate is ridiculously high because someone at some point invented a ”credit score” number that any institution involving money determines what kind of person you are by that number.  Your cars gas tank is below a quarter tank from having to drive 40 miles to work every single day during the week.  But wait! Today is Friday, and also payday! A double whammy to give you a very short lived moment of false hope that makes you feel somewhat happy because you know you have a few hundred dollars in your bank account.  On your way to work, you stop at the store and get twenty dollars of gas in your tank and decide to go into the store to treat yourself to a processed breakfast sandwich and chemically filled orange juice.  All the while not saying one word to a single person around you because that is not how society socializes these days.  Now you’re just getting into work un motivationally ready to spend the next 8 or so hours of your day performing a task that you have zero interest in.  But, this place was hiring 5 years ago so you applied, got hired, and became stuck here on being satisfied with having an income that gives you just enough to survive.  Not to mention that college degree you have was unable to get you a job in the field your degree is in because you were fooled by the corrupt system.  In that 5 year time period that has somehow seemed to have flown by without even noticing, the economy has gotten worse and worse, and you’ve received no raise, no healthcare, and no sense of self-worth.  So here you are “working” at your job, and in between doing whatever this company makes you do, you’re on your cell phone pressing the facebook icon. Logging into what we call a “social network” but all you do on there is scroll with your thumb, scroll and scroll through your ”news” feed filled with statuses of what someone is doing, people sharing photos with unreal quotes and meaningless words on them, videos being shared that are most likely violent or sex driven and we click to watch because we are curious and eager to get a rise out of it so we share it as well because we are programmed to think someone being hurt is funny.  All the while 15 minutes have passed while you were scrolling through and you’re doing nothing but still staring blankly into your screen and you have not even actually Laughed Out Loud one time.  Just wasting your time with the same careless bullshit that is on your newsfeed everyday because your same careless “friends” you have on there share the same careless shit.  “Friends” as in, people that want to be nosy and look into your “life” or you want to be nosy and look into theirs.  People who you have not seen in person in over 10 years, but don’t even bother to communicate with on facebook. People who if you ran into in real life, you wouldn’t even bother to talk to in person.  We’ve been programmed to become this way, and it is getting worse and worse.  Ok so now back to work!  No wait, back to facebook! Back to work, back to facebook, back to work… Oh now the work day is complete, what a sense of relief for you even though you’ve managed to accomplish nothing of interest the whole day, just like every…. Other…. Day….  Just a day filled with tasks that you despise and in between clicking the like button on facebook.  So now you’re driving home when another short lived moment of false happiness comes over you, you just remembered it’s Friday! Great, you get to have 2 whole days away from the job that you only work at to have some sort of income (but you don’t even realize it).  So while driving you come to a red light, so you take a “selfie” with a big cheesy smile that’s faker than the life you’ve been programmed to accept and live in. So after finding that right angle, right filter, on your 23rd take, of course, you post it on facebook with a caption that goes something like hashtag “#TGIF . works over for the week! So glad the weekend is here!”  …why? because this is what everyone else does on your facebook so you have to feel like you are a part of the social world by getting a few likes on your picture.  Well now you’re home and let’s not forget you’re still in a groggy mood because you woke up that way and chose to project your energy that way and stay that way all day.  (possibly because of the unhappy life you have been programmed to decide to live) But none the less, your kids are home from school now, and they are full of energy ready to play and tell you about their fun filled day.  Before you know it, they are getting on your nerves only because you yourself are restless and irritated.  Now you’re yelling at them annoyed by their excitement of life, they have not been turned into a robot yet like yourself, they still enjoy anything and everything with no worries and deep in your subconscious part of you envies that without even knowing.  So you don’t bask in the happiness that they do, you’re to dumbed down by the majority of the environment that you have been living in with society.  Well it’s dinner time and the kids gotta be fed! What’s on the menu? Not a home cooked meal with love, no you’re too groggy and miserable to put love into a plate of food.  Frozen processed chicken nuggets and frozen French fries it is! An easy, cheap,  quick, convenient, meal that kids sure do love.  Let’s dip it in high fructose corn syrup ketchup and wash it down with kool aid!  Bbllaahh…. So after dinner you sit down to watch TV programming that has zero educational purposes, probably something like a staged car repo show with outlandish attempts at taking people cars all the while this show is labeled as “reality TV.”  So you stare at the screen waiting to see what happens next, the suspense is so thrilling! The commercials come on so here you are again grabbing your cell phone and scrolling on your facebook newsfeed seeing the same repeated things you see every day and every week, not even realizing nothing has changed.  Well since today was payday, it’s time to log into your online banking and pay some bills that you unconsciously decided to have in your life.  CLICK, electric paid, CLICK internet and cable paid, CLICK transfer partial rent to savings, CLICK car payment paid, CLICK water bill paid, CLICK cell phone not paid – insufficient funds.  Now within a matter of minutes, that 40 hour work week’s income you made is gone and you’re right back to being broke again. Not able to do anything this weekend because your bank account says no, and you’ve been programmed to think you need money to do anything.  The rest of the night you are even more miserable because you have no money in the bank.  Projecting your thoughts more and more toward a negative thought and bringing yourself down along with it. Just like that.  Nothing left to do but lounge around and scroll your thumb on facebook looking at the same old shit.  THE SAME OLD SHIT.   All the way until you fall asleep, which is later than you wanted, because you just can’t put your phone down and get off facebook.  The place where you have a sense of a world of living where there actually isn’t any socializing, just robots (people) programmed to go about life in this order and never change.  The day passes, the weekend passes, Monday comes, It’s 6 am and you wake up groggy with a feeling of not being well rested.  The last thing you did before closing your eyes last night and falling asleep was look into your cell phone screen at your newsfeed on facebook, scrolling with your thumb.  ….. repeat.  Monday MEME’S of “I HATE MONDAY” are shared on facebook and you’re liking them.

Next week passes, this month passes, this year passes, 5 more years pass, before you realize it your life passes.  What just happened…..

Does this sound like a day in the life of you? Does what I just described sound similar to how your day is and has been for quite a while now?  Do you know someone who’s life is this way?  If so, all I’m hoping to do is knock you out of your slumber state of “living” and show you how it’s been.   Let’s change this cycle of life the powers that be have programmed us to live in.  It’s a broken record, a revolving door of dizziness.  YOU MATTER.  The only person who can truly change your life is YOU.  “I can only lead you to the door, if you let me, the rest is up to you to seek for more.”

I too am battling this troubled way of living with this way of life.  Little by little I’ve been changing myself.  Self-awareness is the key.  It starts within you, just as it started within me.  Now I’m hoping to inspire that spark in others to see how we are programmed.  When you wake up everyday you decide how your day is going to be. You decide how your attitude is, you decide how your state of mind is, you decide what thoughts you let overcome your brain, you decide whether to be a pessimist or an optimist, you decide whether to find the positive or negative, you decide whether to complain or find gratitude. YOU DECIDE.  It reflects outward to those around you, it reflects back to you and unfolds in the upcoming time you’re faced with.  Look in the mirror at yourself, face your fears within and open your HEART to love. Self love.  I am here for ANYONE if you want to talk to me more about your life or anything at all.  I know exactly what you’re going through..

Now I’m not assuming this story of a day in the life is exactly like yours, but if it is in any way similar, I feel your pain regardless, and I am here for you to either talk and help you out, or just talk to in general. I live by the HOPE theory, Help Other People Evolve  .. lets help eachother  I love all of you.

“Do you want to repeat the same year for the next 75 years and call it a life?”