The universe will give you “REALLY?” tests at any moment in this linear time, how you respond to each situation will determine your own consciousness for yourself, not for anyone else, just for you. ¬†Preparing for these tests is a daily practice, these tests can be very small, or extremely outrageous depending on your perspective.

Everyday you are preparing yourself for your own reaction to any situation,

If you are not aware that you are preparing yourself, then your response may be so unconscious that it will drag you down deeper into a lower vibration and your energy levels will indeed be effected by it.

However, if you are consciously aware of your daily practice and you are preparing yourself for these universal pop quizzes of confrontation with life, then your response will not only keep you uplifted in light of uncertainty, but it will be a reminder that hey! you’re gonna be ok pal, this is just a simple step in consciousness along your road to be.

Now if you happen to be one of the people that are thrown back and deteriorated by these universal mind fucks, have no fear, you too can climb out of the hole that you have dug yourself in, because after all, no one else dug that hole!

so take a moment to reflect on how you respond to any situation and then take another moment to continue on how you’ve been going, or decide to change your story. either way, your pen has a lot of ink left, and its continuously writing everyday, every hour, every minute, every second, every moment of now….